The Caridda the Hunter campaign follows Caridda, Maerwynn, Gorenthir, and Codric on their journey to find and tame a dragon with which to destroy Fyadel's reign. It is played from Caridda's POV. This campaign also has crossovers with Fyadel the Tyrant and Griel, Alone.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Maerwynn smuggles Gorenthir into Northern Prynn.

Caridda is a hunter living in a small village in Prynn. When her twin sister Celeara is forcibly removed from her home to work at the Galalhesian Palace, Caridda summons Gradomir the Great, a friend of the family and one of the greatest warlocks of the realm. Gradomir advises that she should go after her sister and gifts her items of magical quality: a bag of iron arrows, and an enchanted broadsword that slices with incredible ability.

Caridda journeys past the woods she knows in order to find someone who can help her take down Fyadel's aggressive dynasty. On her first night alone, she overhears someone being smuggled into the county. She must avoid them by stealth so as not to be killed.

On her second night, she visits a tavern to try to find warriors. There, she encounters the smugglers from the night before: Gorenthir and Maerwynn. Eavesdropping on them, Caridda discovers that they are in search of a dragon to attack the Galalhesian Palace. Maerwynn nearly beats Caridda up once she catches her eavesdropping, but Caridda convinces them that they should join forces to get to Argante's Peak.

Design[edit | edit source]

Romancing[edit | edit source]

The player has the choice to romance with Gorenthir or Maerwynn, or not at all.

  1. Romancing Gorenthir: Gorenthir is surprisingly easy to romance. A player simply needs to buy him a total of four drinks at various taverns and he'll become interested. From then on, if one continues to respond to him in a rude (but flirtatious) manner, he will slowly fall in love. This unlocks Caridda's Rogue Ending. And before you ask, yes... there is a sex scene.
  2. Romancing Maerwynn: Maerwynn is more difficult to win over. The most important feature is that Caridda must successfully lead Maerwynn to Argante's Peak without much issue. However, the player must also keep into account how they act around Maerwynn. One key element: always agree with her. No matter what. Your woman is always right. This unlocks Caridda's Dragon Riders Ending. Is there a sex scene? Duh.
  3. Going Alone: If both of them happen to repulse you, you'll want Caridda to refuse Gorenthir's advances and act ingenuine around Maerwynn.

Combat Mechanics[edit | edit source]

As Caridda, the player moves with much freeness and agility. Brute force and stealth are both options to consider when taking down enemy threats. In solo combat, Caridda can alternate between brute force and stealth mode. In party combat, a player chooses which tactic to use. Maerwynn aids Caridda in stealth mode, while Gorenthir aids in attack mode.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Caridda can fight with a bow and arrow (longbow and shortbow) or a broadsword. She is also capable of using basic hand to hand combat if she lacks a weapons, one of these features being ambushing a lone soldier from a tree.

The player can equip their party members with different weapons at different times. Maerwynn can use any daggers, shields, and longswords; she also has a grappling hook for climbing. Gorenthir can fight with any heavy weapons - such as a battle axe, morningstar, etc. - as well as his fists.

Special Abilities:[edit | edit source]

  1. Climbing trees
  2. Hunting/animal calls
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